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This calculator shows you the potential ROI of investing in your people and teaching your teams cloud skills with A Cloud Guru.

All that’s needed from you are a few estimates about your current cloud people.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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First, some personnel news

As your people get upskilled and learn all things cloud their time savings and productivity increases when it comes to mission-critical cloud projects.

So, tell us some personnel news: How many employees in each of these roles will have access to cloud learning?

How many employees do you have in each of these roles?* ?
What about your current cloud resources?

Between upskilling staff and providing features like Cloud Playground (real cloud environments for hands-on learning), A Cloud Guru has been shown to shave costs off other cloud resources at companies.

Type in some quick estimates related to your current cloud resources below to see even more ROI. ?

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ROI Breakdown

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  • Sandbox
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What's next?
Let's turn these calculations into cloud reality.

Want to see exactly what A Cloud Guru can do for you? Contact us for more info or an in-depth walkthrough of the ROI your team could be enjoying.

But wait — there's more!

These ROI estimates are based on metrics from recent industry research and countless companies’ usage of A Cloud Guru over the years. We haven’t even touched on things like:

  • Employee retention: An investment in learning is an investment in people. 96% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their skill development.
  • Speed to market: More cloud skills on staff means faster innovation. That’s ROI you can’t measure — until you see the long-term effects on your bottom line, that is.
  • Other cost reduction: When you transform your existing talent, you won’t be spending huge amounts to hire or acquire it. Those are savings you can take straight to the bank.
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