ACG Case Study: 3M Health Information Services
Scaling cloud knowledge to scale cloud operations
Scaling cloud knowledge across a quickly growing team — and across distributed geographies — is no easy feat. See how 3M Health Information Services is using A Cloud Guru to create training “waves” to build skills quickly across the organization.
Build skills and apply them right away

“I’m eager to see people bringing the information they’re learning back to their teams,” says Nicole Gentile, technical supervisor at 3M HIS. “To see that they’re suggesting new approaches, taking what they’re learning and applying it to their day-to-day jobs - that makes it a success to me.”

Chart a course to cloud maturity
Build learning programs that scale

Learn how 3M HIS is:

  • Using A Cloud Guru to scale cloud knowledge and take pressure off the core cloud team
  • Employing Accelerator Programs and Cloud Playground to develop critical cloud and DevOps skills
  • Organizing training into quarter-long “waves” and adjusting to the realities of remote work
  • Looking ahead to continuous learning as part of a more persistent change management initiative
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Cloud Transformation
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At 3M HIS, scaling cloud knowledge is essential to reaching their transformation goals. Check out how they are rolling out training to their teams and building the foundation for a culture of continuous learning.

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