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ACG Insiders are a special bunch. They’re not the sort who learn cloud grudgingly. They’re genuinely excited about cloud, love learning, and are eager to share their experiences and help the larger community. Joining is by invitation only, but if you’d make a great Insider, you can by all means nominate yourself.
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The ACG Insiders program is a pathway to benefits many consider to be...quite awesome. Early access to our latest and greatest, including getting your hands on new features before the larger community. Exclusive swag that you can’t find anywhere else. An elevated platform to share your thoughts and experiences — both with the ACG team and with the broader community. 

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Check out these real reviews from cloud learners:

"From zero to hero"
My favorite aspect of A Cloud Guru is how they break down complicated subjects into less jargon filled and relatable terms that help me gain a deeper understanding of the intended functions behind cloud computing.
Jean-Luc D.
"The best platform to learn!"
A Cloud Guru is the best platform to learn and stay updated on cloud services. They’re always on top of all the updates and I’m confident that I have access to the latest information out there.
Tamir R.
 Sr. DevOps Engineer
"Best-in-class training platform"
I believe the paid disposable sandbox environments are a must have addition to their subscriptions. I can easily try something out, and not worry about the cost of forgetting to de-provision resources.
Brian S.
Lead Software Engineer
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