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Become an AWS CloudFormation Power User

AWS CloudFormation is one of the most widely-used ways to configure services in AWS. But this popular AWS-native Infrastructure-as-Code solution is more than just YAML! Watch us for a deep dive into lesser-known features you can use to become a CloudFormation power user.

ACG On-Demand Webinar

Watch CloudFormation experts from AWS as we unpack the hidden "cheat codes" of CloudFormation.

Featured Speakers
Craig Lefkowitz
Senior Developer Advocate, CloudFormation at AWS

As a Senior Developer Advocate for AWS CloudFormation, Craig writes templates, code, and blogs to consistently improve the developer experience for CloudFormation users. Prior to his current role, Craig worked as both an AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Professional Services consultant for enterprise customers, as well as, state and local governments.


  • Twitter: @CraigLefkowitz
  • LI: linkedin.com/in/craiglefkowitz/
Matteo Rinaudo
Senior Developer Advocate, CloudFormation at AWS

Matteo Rinaudo is a Senior Developer Advocate for AWS CloudFormation. He is passionate about the DevOps mindset, Infrastructure-as-Code and configuration management. In his spare time, Matteo enjoys spending time with his wife, reading and listening to classical music.


  • Twitter: @mrinaudo
  • LI: linkedin.com/in/matteorinaudo/
Forrest Brazeal
Sr Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru

Forrest Brazeal is an AWS Serverless Hero and Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru. Previously a cloud architect at Infor and Trek10, Forrest was also named one of Jefferson Frank’s Top 7 Global AWS Experts in 2019. Forrest is a co-chair of ServerlessConf and frequently speaks at public and private events on the business and practice of cloud computing.


  • Twitter: @forrestbrazeal
  • LI: linkedin.com/in/forrestbrazeal/

Ready to go deep?

Learn all about AWS CloudFormation
  • Organizing resources in templates
  • Write once, deploy everywhere
  • Template linting and policy-as-code
  • Tools that generate CloudFormation templates
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