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Uplevel your Azure Cloud fluency via our regularly-updated courses and learning paths, robust Azure content, and features like Cloud Playground and Hands-on Labs, designed to make learning fun and interactive.

Now you can get all the benefits of ACG through Azure Marketplace. For those who want a frictionless procurement experience, simplified and consolidated billing, faster access to training, education, and skills development on Azure services, ACG via Azure Marketplace is the perfect answer to your business needs.

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Azure Dictionary of Pain
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Azure Content Hub

Binge on some of our best content related to ACGs training partnership with Azure

Follow the Builders
21 hands-on Azure builders to follow in 2021
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Azure Courses
The most up-to-date Azure courses available
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Azure Hands-on Labs
Learn Azure skills by doing them yourself
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Kubernetes + Azure, the HashiCorp way
Have you ever thought about creating a standardized way to deploy your applications and how to do so securely? Using the HashiCorp stack on Azure
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Running AWS + Azure in Production at GE
You think wrangling one cloud is hard? Try migrating workloads to AWS and Azure from the data center … at the same time!
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The Azure Dictionary of Pain
You’ll find succinct definitions of some of the most painful cloud terms to learn
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