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ACG On-Demand Webinar

Building serverless .NET applications on Azure

Everyone benefits from a simple, lean application design. The developers, the support folks, and most of all the people using the product. The days of big iron servers, complex systems and bloated web services are over. In this webinar, you'll learn how to leverage innovative services on Azure to build simple applications that scale.

ACG On-Demand

Watch Pluralsight Senior Developer Evangelist Jeremy Morgan to learn about two lean and mean technologies — Azure Functions and Blazor — that can power applications from tiny to enormous. We'll combine these technologies to assemble an application that's simple, clear, and can scale as big as you need. You'll get a good understanding of these technologies to help you build your next cloud-native application.

Featured Speakers
Jeremy Morgan
Senior Developer Evangelist at Pluralsight
Jeremy Morgan is on a mission to help developers get better at what they do. He's a Senior Developer Evangelist for Pluralsight with two decades of experience as an engineer building software for everything from Fortune 100 companies to tiny startups. He stays immersed in the .NET/Azure world while always keeping one foot in the Linux ecosystem building Python and Go applications. He's primarily focused on backend API development and cloud infrastructure, and finding new ways to deploy software safely and quickly. Jeremy enjoys teaching through his popular tech blog as well as contributing to open source as a .NET Foundation Member, and DevOps Institute Ambassador.

In this on-demand webinar

Keep it simple (and scalable) with Azure
Watch us for a dive into using Azure technologies to build simple, scalable applications. We’ll cover:
  • Azure Functions, and when and how to use them
  • Blazor, what it is, and how it’ll power the web applications of tomorrow
  • How to combine Azure Functions and Blazor to build simple, scalable applications
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