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Cloud and the Public Sector
Cloud adoption within the public sector faces a wide array of challenges. So many, in fact, that successful adoption can seem like a fanciful pipe dream. But if you take the time to understand the challenges, it’s clear that there is also tremendous opportunity. In this in-depth white paper, Chris Hughes expertly lays out the challenges, opportunities, and potential of public sector cloud adoption.
Public sector challenges
Understanding the barriers to cloud adoption

The public sector faces many of the same barriers to cloud adoption as private organizations, just moreso. Security and compliance roadblocks, skills development, and legacy spending are well known in both public and private organizations, but in the public sector they’re generally more entrenched and harder to shift. In this white paper, you’ll get the full download on the challenges facing the public sector, and what separates them from more general private sector challenges. 

Public sector opportunities

The promise of a brighter, more agile future

Explore opportunities including:
  • The Shared Responsibility Model and inheritance models are allowing public entities to build from approved underlying cloud infrastructures
  • Cloud providers are achieving authorization through multiple compliance frameworks, allowing public sector customers to focus on utilizing services
  • FedRAMP authorizations will transfer down to StateRAMP, saving significiant assessment and authorization time
  • The in-development Continuous Authority to Operate (cATO) model promises to reduce the interruptions of the traditional authorization cycle
  • ...and more!
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A Cloud Guru White Paper
Get to know public sector challenges and opporunities

Learn all about the challenges and opportunities facing public sector cloud adoption — and what they mean for the future. 

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