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ACG On-Demand Webinar

Getting Continuous Value from Continuous Learning

What is continuous learning? How does it tie in with your organization's cloud goals? More importantly — how can continuous learning help you achieve your business goals? Watch Cloud Guru’s Forrest Brazeal (Director of Content & Community), Michelle Kozma (Sr. Customer Success Manager), and Taylor Page (Customer Marketing Manager) to answer these questions and more!

ACG On-Demand Webinar

How do you get a culture of continuous learning started? How do you keep it going? And how can your business derive value from supporting continuous learning (hint: many, many ways)? Watch Forrest, Michelle, and Taylor as they delve into these questions!

Featured Speakers
Forrest Brazeal
AWS Serverless Hero, Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru
Michelle Kozma
Sr. Customer Success Manager at A Cloud Guru
Taylor Page
Customer Marketing Manager at A Cloud Guru

In this on-demand webinar

Keep the learning going
Watch Forrest, Michelle, and Taylor as they cover:
  • Defining the ideal cloud learner journey
  • What are the various stages a cloud learner may go through
  • How have enterprises used continuous learning to achieve business outcomes
  • The recipe for continuous cloud learning success
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