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ACG On-Demand Demo

Introducing New ACG for Business Tools

ACG for Business now has brand new capabilities to help you customize and manage multi-cloud learning at scale. Watch our on-demand demo as members of our Product Marketing and Customer Success teams showcase newly released Custom Learning Paths and Azure Skills Assessments.

ACG On-Demand Demo

We know there isn’t one right, easy way to get to cloud maturity. You’ve got to navigate different cloud technologies, explore different processes, and be realistic about what you can do with the time and skills your team has. That’s why the ability to tailor cloud learning to meet your organization’s specific needs is so important. Watch this on-demand webinar for a look at the latest tools that help you do exactly that!

Featured Speakers
Christine Renschler
Product Marketing Manager at A Cloud Guru
Amanda Schiff
Customer Success Manager at A Cloud Guru
Eric Frick
Curriculum Specialist at A Cloud Guru

In this demo...

Discover the latest ACG for Business goodness
Watch gurus Christine Renschler, Amanda Schiff, and Eric Frick for a special look at our newest features, and how you can get the most out of them:
  • How you can use multi-cloud Skills Assessments to identify skill gaps and match team members with the learning content they need to grow in their roles
  • An in-depth look into Custom Learning Paths, and creative ways to align learning programs with your company's unique goals and initiatives
  • Success stories from leading organizations leveraging ACG for Business to accelerate their multi-cloud strategies
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