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Over the past year, Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru have brought our platforms together as one company and one culture. Now, we’re excited to bring our learners together as one community. As a Linux Academy customer, we’re sure you have questions about moving to A Cloud Guru, so we’ve created this resource center to answer your questions, prepare you for the big day, and help you feel at home on the new platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Got Questions? Get Answers.
Have questions about your move to ACG? We’ve got answers right here.
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Your Moving Checklist
Make sure you’re ready to move
We want your migration to the ACG platform to be as seamless as possible — and there are a few things we need your help with in order to make that happen.
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Get acquainted with ACG
Take a look around
Check out our high-level overview of the ACG platform and get a sense of what to look forward to with your move to ACG.
Feature comparison
Find your features
When you make the move to ACG, you’ll find your favorite features waiting for you, though they may be called something else or work a bit differently. Find out what’s what with this feature comparison matrix.
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What’s new for me?
Intro to New Features
We’re excited to give you an overview of amazing new features you’ll see in the ACG platform. Take a sneak peak!
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Legacy Content
What’s happening with Legacy Linux Academy Content?
When we combined course catalogs in late 2020, several courses were retired from the Linux Academy platform. See what replacements we have in this guide.
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API Integration Guide
Maintain your custom reports with the ACG API
If your organization uses the Linux Academy API for reporting purposes, follow these steps to transition to the ACG API.
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SSO Setup
Get up and running with single sign-on
We integrate with all major Identity Providers, so your learners can easily log in and get going.
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LMS Integration Guide
Integrate ACG with your LMS
If your organization uses Degreed or another LMS, let’s connect it with ACG.
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Reporting Guide
Find your favorite metrics
Reporting on ACG will look a little different than you’re used to, but you’ll still be able to track fundamentally all the same learner data. See how reports compare in our reporting guide.
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Learner Resources
What do my learners need to know?
Great question. We’ve created a Learner Resource Center for you to share with all the information they need to know. Need an email template for sharing? We thought of that, too.
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Still have questions? Let us know!
Got a question that’s not addressed here? Want to share feedback or just say hi? Get in touch with your Relationship Manager (email) or one of our Support team. We’re here to help you every step of the way!
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