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Copy and paste this message into your own email to send to your team members and get them excited about joining Linux Academy!

Hello Future Linux Academy User,


Soon you will be receiving an email invitation to join the Linux Academy cloud education platform.


We are excited to bring you this educational opportunity to (continue our long cultural history of learning / invest in your future here as we move to the cloud in the coming years/months / ensure that as a team, we are improving our technical offerings both internally and externally). This platform provides you with a learning tool you can consume at your own pace to fit your schedule as well as to continually keep you aware of all the newest advances in the cloud.


As our company looks to the future, we are excited to begin/continue our journey with cloud as a team, working towards a common set of goals:


1. Being fully migrated, off our data centers by _______. 

2. Establishing a “cloud first” policy for all new products so that our technology will continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

3. Be recognized as a technical leader in our space.


[This tool has limited licenses and as a student the expectation will be that you complete ____________________ within _________________. If your license inactivity exceeds __________ days, your seat will be reallocated to an eager learner selected from our waitlist. ]


[In order to best support your success on this new learning journey you will be allotted ________ hours of study a week. Regular office hours will also be available during __________ in the effort to promote a collaborative learning experience.]


Please invest in yourself and join us on this exciting journey — together we will transform ourselves, our organization, and our customer experience.