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Level Up your Cloud Workforce: New Hands-on Learning Tools from ACG

Hands-on learning is the most powerful way to acquire real-world job skills. ACG is famous for our 1700+ Hands-On Labs in real, safe practice environments  but now we’ve kicked things up a notch. Join us for a look at our brand new Challenge Mode labs.

ACG On-Demand Webinar

Join ACG product and content gurus to learn more about our Challenge Mode labs, and how your organization can leverage new hands-on learning features to build faster, better, and cheaper in the cloud.

Featured Speakers
Christine Renschler
Team Lead, Product Marketing at A Cloud Guru
Karen Burkhart
Team Lead, Product Management at A Cloud Guru
Kelby Enevold
AWS Training Architect at A Cloud Guru

In this demo

Get an inside look at Challenge Mode labs and more
Join our gurus to take a special look at new hands-on features, and learn how your business can get the most out of them, including:
  • Why we built these tools, and how they support continuous learning
  • A live product demo of new Challenge Mode labs
  • How organizations are leveraging Hands-on Labs to develop practical experience in the cloud, without risks or costly cloud bills
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