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Machine learning’s potential has never been greater. Unfortunately, skilled practitioners are few and far between, and available training tends to presume a level of advanced mathematics knowledge that creates a barrier to entry for newcomers.

We can help with that. Our learn-by-doing approach gets your teams hands-on with machine learning services and technologies for faster learning and improved retention.

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AWS Certified Machine Learning
Ace the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification exam with ACG
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Introduction to Machine Learning
Let us guide you through the sometimes intimidating world of machine learning in an entertaining and very non-scary way.
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Data Science Basics
Explore the fundamentals of data science including key concepts, use cases, basic approaches, and tools.
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Did you know? ACG is also available through frictionless procurement on two of the largest marketplaces, Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.

Utilizing Metaprogramming Python
How to create a metaclass and a common way to use metaprogramming
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Automating AWS with Lambda, Python, and Boto3
Explore AWS automation using Lambda and Python in this course
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Coordinating AI Services with Step Functions
In this lab, you will be modifying an existing pipeline to learn how to set up the coordination between the services.
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