ACG Case Study: ManTech
Motivate your people to learn new skills
Ensuring your employees have up-to-date skills is critical for tech-savvy organizations. But how do you take the pain out of training? See how ManTech used incentivized challenges to earn 312 certs in 100 days. 
The tangible benefits of certs
Get the skills to close more deals

“The more we increase our certifications...the more contracts we can go after and win. It has a cyclical effect of driving business that lets us further invest in research and development," said Stephanie Flory, Director of Learning & Career Enablement.

Cloud opportunities = career opportunities

Innovative people drive innovative companies

Learn how to:
  • Make skills development motivating and engaging
  • Create a cycle of talent growth that drives business growth
  • Encourage organization-wide knowledge sharing to further innovative, collaborative problem-solving
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Cloud fluency
Grow your team's skills and transform your company

The team at ManTech has upskilling down to a science. Sneak a peek at their winning formula for continuous cloud learning — and see how that creates career opportunities that drive employee retention.

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