A Cloud Guru Report
How Companies Are Shifting To Multi-Cloud
We analyzed data on tens of thousands of course completions to see how companies are shifting their upskilling to a multi-cloud approach. In this report, you’ll see how companies are starting to prepare for a multi-cloud future as learners begin focusing on products beyond AWS.

The road to Multi-cloud

There’s No One Way To Cloud

The world of cloud computing in 2021 is a very different place than it was a decade ago. We’re spoiled for choice, with dozens of products across a variety of infrastructures—along with competition amongst the platforms to make the best products. Companies now have the option to choose what services fit them best, whether it’s on just one provider or on many.

Build knowledge for more than one cloud

See how Azure is quickly becoming a go-to

Learn how:
  • How much energy learners spend on gaining proficiency in multiple clouds—particularly Azure.
  • What expertise companies need the most when it comes to cloud products.
  • What companies focus on when they are choosing their infrastructure.
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A Cloud Guru Report
Choose the cloud that works best for you

Learn how companies are growing beyond AWS into Azure—and, in the future, likely many other platforms as well.

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