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ACG On-Demand Webinar

The Role of Networking Professionals in Cloud

A DNS or IP addressing mistake early in a cloud project can cause pain for up to five years. How to prevent networking nightmares? It's time to respect - and empower - networking teams in the cloud. Watch cloud networking experts Chris Swinford and Padraig O’Connor for an informative, Q&A-packed hour with host Drew Firment.

ACG On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand event, we'll dive deep into the rift that has separated traditional networking teams from cloud teams in IT organizations. We'll apply best practices to real-world scenarios. We'll examine the evolving role of the network professional in cloud. And we'll help you and your team understand the optimal route forward.

Featured Speakers
Drew Firment
SVP of Cloud Transformation, A Cloud Guru
Padraig O’Connor
CCoE Network Platform Engineer, Zurich Insurance Group
Chris Swinford
Cloud Network Architect, The Kroger Co.

In this on-demand webinar

Explore networking in a cloud world
We'll dive deep into the role of networking professionals in the cloud, including:
  • The rift separating traditional networking and cloud teams
  • The evolving role of the network professional in cloud
  • The optimal route for networking and cloud going forward
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