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ACG On-Demand Webinar

Growing Up: Taking Steps Towards Cloud Maturity

“Cloud maturity” gets thrown around a lot in our industry – but what does it really mean? What might a cloud journey look like and what does it take to move fully to the cloud and stay there? Cloud Gurus Nick Kuhl and Scott Pletcher are here to help answer these questions and share the wealth of their cloud adoption knowledge. They’ll offer best practices and be ready to answer any questions you might have about your own cloud journey!

ACG On-Demand Webinar

Watch Cloud Gurus Nicolas Kuhl and Scott Pletcher as they break down what "cloud maturity" is, what it takes to get there, and how to stay there. 

Featured Speakers
Nicolas Kuhl
Sr. Manager of Education & Design
Scott Pletcher
Sr. Community Training Architect

In this webinar...

Ready to grow up?
Watch our Cloud Gurus to get some clarity on cloud maturity and your cloud journey – including:
  • Defining "cloud maturity"
  • How to start a cloud journey
  • Essentials for cloud adoption
  • You're in the cloud! Now what?
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