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Stopping Cloud Brain Drain

The post-COVID landscape for tech jobs is a seller's market. Remote work, combined with huge demand for cloud and DevOps roles, have lowered the friction for engineers to leave jobs that aren't right for them and find the perfect fit. But turnover is costly and cloud talent is scarce. So if your team is struggling to retain great people, it's urgent that you find a way to reverse "cloud brain drain".

ACG On-Demand Webinar

In this free, on-demand webinar, our expert panelists with decades of combined engineering management experience will dig into some of their strategies for building an organizational culture where team members stick around for the long haul . . . while doing meaningful, innovative work.

Featured Speakers
Charity Majors
Cofounder and CTO at Honeycomb.io
Todd Ebersviller
VP of Cloud & Delivery at Jamf
Tia Williams
Director of Content Production at A Cloud Guru
Joe Emison
Cofounder and CTO at Branch Insurance
Drew Firment
SVP of Cloud Transformation at
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In this on-demand webinar

Learn how to become a destination for cloud success
94% of employees stay longer at an employer who invests in their career. Join us as we back the curtain on what that really means — and how your team can become a destination for cloud success.
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