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How To Build A Cloud Center of Excellence

The cloud isn't just a technical feature. It's the future of enterprise IT. And to get business value from cloud, you need to change not just technologies, but culture, organization, people and process. It’s a big challenge, so we’ve tapped some experts who’ve been there and done it to walk through their strategies for leading a cloud transformation.

ACG On-Demand Webinar

In this free, on-demand webinar, Jonathan Allen and Thomas Blood, IT leaders and authors of the book "Reaching Cloud Velocity: A Leader's Guide to Success in the AWS Cloud", to learn battle-tested strategies for leading a cloud transformation.

Featured Speakers
Jonathan Allen
Director of Enterprise Strategy at AWS
Jonathan is a Director of Enterprise Strategy at AWS, where he works with enterprise executives around the globe to share experiences and strategies for how the cloud can help them increase speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers. He has worked with over 335 enterprises helping them successfully complete migrations and transition their organizations to help them realize the full benefits of AWS Cloud.
Thomas Blood
AWS Digital Innovation Leader for EMEA

Thomas is an AWS Digital Innovation Leader for EMEA, where he draws from his business, technology, and military experience to guide customers on how they can bring their cloud strategies to life. He has held executive positions at several organizations in the private and public sector, and was the first leader to introduce cloud at Experian at a time when the company had a "no cloud" mindset, challenging entrenched ideas about digitization.

In this webinar . . .

Learn how to build a Cloud Center of Excellence and much more
Learn from Allen and Blood's decades of experience at organizations like AWS and CapitalOne to help you achieve escape velocity in the cloud.
  • Principles for your cloud journey
  • Creating your cloud leadership team
  • Building a cloud center of excellence
  • Becoming cloud fluent at scale
  • Applying Enterprise DevOps
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