LA On-Demand Webinar

Castle in the Clouds: An ACG Platform Tour

We all know moving is complicated, but the fun part has just begun! Exploring your new home should be exciting — we’re here to help you figure out what’s new, what’s different, and what’s still familiar as you get up and running with ACG.

LA Webinar

Watch your friendly neighbor (and Customer Success Program Manager) May Herzfeld, who’s ready to welcome you with tips, tricks, and a cup of sugar. We’ll do a walk through of your learner’s experience and also show you your new “control room” where you help make the magic happen for cloud success.

Featured Speakers
May Herzfeld
Customer Success Program Manager at A Cloud Guru

In this on-demand webinar

Get a tour of the new place

See what's what and what's where on the ACG platform, including:
  • Navigating your dashboard
  • Adding your learners
  • The learner experience
  • New, updated, and familiar tools
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